Energetic, environmental and economic challenges (ES1202)

Workshop. Water_2020: Conceiving Wastewater Treatment of Tomorrow

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Specialized Workshop "Water_2020: Conceiving Wastewater Treatment of Tomorrow. Energetic, environmental and economic challenges" was held in Le Pecq (Salle des Fêtes), location near Paris, the 15th of April 2015.


The workshop was programed in 4 sessions, headed each one by a keynote speaker. The workshop started with a brief introduction by the President of WssTP, Ph.D Tomas Michel. Inmediately, the four sessions took place in the Salle des Fêtes:


Session I - Efficient technologies (Chair Francesco Fatone)

Keynote: WWTP of Tomorrow. Samuel Martin, SUEZ ENVIRONMENT-France


Session II - Resource recovery technologies (Chair Ana Soares)

Keynote: Resource recovery opportunities during wastewater treatment. Korneel Rabaey, U. Gent


Session III - Environmental & Economic impact (Chair Marta Carballa)

Keynote: Environmental & economic impact of micropollutant removal - The case of Switzerland. Adriano Joss, EAWAG-Switzerland


Session IV - Process integration (Chair Xavier Flores)

Keynote: Modelling and Control of N2O emissions from biological nitrogen removal. Mathieu Sperandio,INSA Toulouse, France


At the end, Juan M. Lema (chair of the COST Action water_2020) exposed the conclusions.

It was a very successful workshop attended by over 100 participants. 




Introduction by Tomas Michel, WSSTP President



Keynote speaker Samuel Martin, Suez Environment   
 I. Sabbah, A. Mosquera, S. Martin, F. Fatone, S. Ponsá


M.Healy, M. Reis, Korneel Rabaey,R.Kleerebezem, A. Soares