Energetic, environmental and economic challenges (ES1202)

Advanced Data Management Tool and Dynamic plant Simulator for the Galindo-Bilbao WWTP. (CEIT - CABB)


The Environmental Engineering Unit of CEIT-IK4 and the Bilbao Bizkaia Water Consortium (CABB) have developed an Advanced Data Management Tool and a Dynamic plant Simulator for the Galindo-Bilbao´s WWTP.

This manager synthesizes all the data available in the plant and generates useful information for operators and plant managers, so they can take decisions in a more agile way. The simulator allows us to propose new strategies for control operation and optimize energy cost for the WWTP.

The video shows how the mathematical methodology developed by CEIT-IK4 in the Novedar_Consolider Project has permitted to develop both tools.


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Video produced by Novedar_Consolider Project. Elaborated by the  Biogroup (USC).