Energetic, environmental and economic challenges (ES1202)

WWTP simulators based on the PWM library. CEIT/Conaqua


The Environmental Engineering Unit of CEIT, in collaboration with the partners of the NOVEDAR_Consolider project, has developed a new Plant-Wide Modelling (PWM) library, that consists of a very extensive, updated and complete set of mathematical models able to describe the dynamic behaviour of all the processes and technologies that can be part of a modern and advanced wastewater treatment plant.
The new model library eases the construction and dynamic simulation of any possible combination of conventional and advanced treatment processes, analysing in a fast and rigorous manner both the environmental and economic efficiency.
This video shows how CEIT developed the PWM library and how the spin-off Conaqua uses this knowledge in their consulting services.
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Video produced by Novedar_Consolider Project. Elaborated by the Biogroup (USC).