Energetic, environmental and economic challenges (ES1202)

WG3 Meeting, Istanbul (Turkey) 2014

Working group: 
Monday, November 10, 2014 to Tuesday, November 11, 2014


The meeting started with the welcome speech of the local organizer and some practical issues, followed by an introduction of WG1 (Gerasimos Lyberatos) and WG3 (Konstantinos Tsagarakis) chairs.

Then, the COST Action chair (Juan M. Lema) presented the concept of the book, the final output of the Action summarizing the main achievements of all WGs.


After the coffee break took place the individual working group meeting, followed by the individual task force meetings.



WG3meeting                                                           Maria Molinos during her presentation


The Task Group leaders presented and updated the ongoing activities:

- Micropollutants (Peter Schröder and Giuseppe Mascolo)

- Review paper on recycled water perception (Christos Anastasiou)

- Submit a research proposal on “Differences in approaches over wastewater treatment for countries under economic crises” (Konstantinos Tsagarakis)

- Interact with WG1 on economics of efficient technologies and WG2 on the topic economic viability of resource recovery (María Molinos)

- Greenhouse gas and odour emission (Adrian Oehmen)



WG3 planned the dates for the next scientific and dissemination activities:

The next meeting will take place in Paris (France) in April 2015, together with the MC meeting and the other WG meetings.

- The next individual WG3 meeting will take place in Brno (Czech Republic) in September or October 2015