Energetic, environmental and economic challenges (ES1202)

WG4 Meeting, Ghent (Belgium) 2014

Working group: 
Thursday, November 20, 2014 to Friday, November 21, 2014


Marie-Noëlle Pons, chair of WG4, welcomes everyone and acknowledges Eveline Volcke for organizing the event.
Then, the different participants were distributed in 4 different sub‐groups for discussions and better interactions:

  • Sub‐group 1: Physico‐chemical processes group. Members: X Flores – Alsina, P Grau, K Solon, J Baeza, A Masic, L Krayzelova, M Reimanis, M Papa, D Vrecko, S de Gisi
  • Sub‐group 2: Separation group. Members: U Jeppsson, Kris Villez, Youri Amerlinck, Elena Torfs, Wouter Naessens, Ingmar Nopens
  • Sub‐group 3: Risk and N2O group. Members: M.Mauricio Iglesias, Kris Mampaey, Joaquim Comas, Eveline Volcke, Marie‐Noelle Pons
  • Sub‐group 4: Micropollutants group. Members: MN Pons, Miguel Mauricio, Q Comas, M Papa, S de Gisi, M Reimanis, Xavier Flores‐Alsina


Every sub-group had a rapporteur who made the presentation to all the WG4.


Issues as the water 2020 book, summer school, planning next WGmeeting in Paris, were treated along the second day.  



 Members of WG4 during the meeting